Difference Capital Financial was established in 2012 to target late-stage private growth companies with a primary focus on technology, media and healthcare.In the years since our founding we have built a portfolio that consists of some of the most compelling private growth companies in Canada. The team at Difference Capital has worked hard to position our company for growth at a time when the market is primed for expansion.

Media Investment


QuickPlay Media is the leading provider of managed solutions for the distribution of premium video to IP-connected devices.

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DCF invests in growth companies with ambitious goals and the requisite talent to achieve them. As such, we work with companies from the expansion stage to post-IPO in order to help them reach value-creating milestones. Our strategy is to seek investments where our expertise and knowledge, combined with our investment, enhances the future value for all shareholders.



Infraredx, Inc. is a privately-funded medical device company dedicated to helping provide practitioners with the information needed for enhanced clinical decision making in treating coronary artery disease.

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